ur Ultrasonographer, Sara Evans
Pregnancy at Monadnock OBGYN
AIUM Accredited Ultrasound Practice

Monadnock OBGYN utilizes the most advanced, state-of-the-art GE Voluson Ultrasound technology with the ability to perform ultrasound studies.

For our OB patients, the following ultrasound studies may/will be performed by our experienced technician:

  • An early ultrasound to confirm due date and multiple gestation in the first trimester if uncertain menstrual dating, bleeding early on in pregnancy
  • A twenty-week fetal screening and anatomy ultrasound scan, which can reveal the fetus’ gender as well as scan for any anatomical abnormalities
  • Fetal well-being studies for women who are 41+ weeks, as well as any additional monitoring as necessary throughout a woman’s pregnancy

Our ultrasound technician is also specially trained to perform ultrasound studies for GYN patients including:

  • Pelvic transvaginal ultrasounds and sonohysterograms
  • Assist at IUD removals

Patient Questions

Will I have an ultrasound every visit during pregnancy?

Ultrasounds are performed for certain medical indications and are not routinely done at every visit. Most insurance plans will pay for one ultrasound during your pregnancy and will require preauthorization for all other exams.

Do I need a full bladder for my ultrasound exam?

You will need a full bladder for a first trimester sonogram. Many ultrasound exams do not require a full bladder. Other ultrasound exams may require a full bladder. Your physician or the staff will let you know in advance if you should arrive with a full bladder.

May I record video/audio of my ultrasound exam?

Unfortunately, the answer is "no" to recording. Because this is a very technical procedure, the sonographer will have to focus on you, the patient, and not have the distractions of video recording. We ask that all cell phones and video devices be set to vibrate during the exam.

Do you have 3D/4D imaging available?

We do have the capability and we always use 3D for certain GYN applications such as to check the position of an IUD; however, we do not provide it for fetal ultrasound.

Am I allowed to have family or friends in the room during my ultrasound?

During a routine, doctor-ordered ultrasound, you may have up to two guests. Guests may be further limited at the discretion of the sonographer. We request that you do not bring along young children to the visit. If you are unable to arrange daycare, please come with another adult who can supervise them.

Could I have an ultrasound to see the sex of my baby?

Your routine 20-week ultrasound exam is the best time to possibly see the gender (sex) of your baby. Depending on the timing and position, we may or may not be able to see the sex of your baby. Not all babies cooperate during the exam, so we cannot promise we will be able to see the anatomy clearly. If you do not want to know the gender of your baby in advance, please tell the sonographer prior to the scan.

Gender cards are available for those wanting to do a gender reveal. They are scratch-off cards that reveal the gender of the baby. If an image of the gender is also desired, please let the technologist know so she can print one as well. 


Meet Our Certified Ultrasound Technician

Sara B. Evans ARDMS, B.S.

"After 6 years of Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force during OIF/OEF, I was ready for the next opportunity. The local college had an ultrasound program, so I applied and I was accepted. This is where I earned my BS in Allied Health. I’ve been working as an ultrasound technician since 2011, honing my skills and earning my registry by ARDMS in Abdominal and OB/GYN Ultrasound. Before joining Monadnock OBGYN, I was taking call and working nights and weekends as a single mother. I am grateful to be a part of the team here, which feels like family, and I have better work-life balance. I get the opportunity to really connect with our patients and it is so rewarding to take part in their magical journey. I can honestly say I love what I do.


  • AAS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography at Burlington Community College in Pemberton, NJ 2011
  • BS in Allied Health at Wilmington University in Delaware 2012
  • ARDMS registered in Abdominal and OB/GYN
  • AIUM Certified
Our Ultrasonographer, Sara Evans